Updated: Mar 14, 2021

You’ve found your dream venue. The photographer is booked. The music is coming together for your DJ. You may even be putting the finishing touches on your centerpieces. Now it’s finally time for your bridal hair and makeup trials! But you’ve never done something like this before. How do you even know what to do before the trial, what to bring, or what kind of questions to ask? Fear not – we are here to help you prepare for a fun day of pampering and glamming!

Before The Trial

Starting thinking about your dream wedding day look. There are so many options out there for both hair and makeup – updo, flowy curls, smokey eyes, super natural, the list goes on. Nail down the type of look you generally gravitate towards.

Wash your hair the night before! It’s important you come to your trial with clean, dry hair so we can work with it the best.

Clean your face – similar to hair, it’s important to come to your trial with a clean face ready for makeup application.

Consider wearing a white top if you’re wearing white on your wedding day to better envision how everything will come together.

Come prepared with any questions you may have related to your hair, makeup, and wedding day.