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Provide content & gain credibility!

Write for The Blog

Typically $150 per blog... FREE for a limited time. Help us load the site full of valuable information for our brides!

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What's Required

Contribution of a professionally written and informative blog post regarding the latest wedding trends, newlywed lifestyle, bridal news, fashion, products etc.. NO SELLING please! Blog topics will need to be approved ahead of time and must provide valuable information to our brides.

Please provide us with the following:

Blog Title:

Less than 10 words. Make it short and catchy!

Short Description:

Should be a short preview of what they are about to read, 20-50 words.

Blog Content | #1 Rule: Provide Value | #2 Rule: No selling!

The final Blog should be 700-1000 words long depending on the context. No more than 1500 words, please.

Please include your full contact information & credentials in the blog content section.

Please note, in order to participate, you must have an active Wedding Professional Membership.
Ready? Submit your blog below!
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