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Should my dog be included in my ceremony? | dogs in wedding attire

Should my dog be included in my ceremony?


My Dog, My Wedding….

Should I include my dog in my ceremony? As a caterer, this question is more common than you could ever imagine.

Dog in tuxedo

As a dog lover myself my immediate answer is, yes. But before leashing up a member of your bridal party be sure you ask yourself a few key questions….

Does my caterer allow dogs in the building?

Is my dog comfortable around large crowds?

Will my dog remain quiet during my vows?

Who will attend to my dog before the ceremony?

Who will bring my dog home immediately following the ceremony?

Does my dog do well around loud noise?

Did I have my dog professionally groomed before the ceremony?

dogs in wedding attire

Is my dog’s shots all up to date?

Will my dog be comfortable in a tuxedo? (I had to see if you were following along).

Most young couples welcome a pet into their serious relationship and dogs are an important part of family day-to-day life. So break out the grooming brush, get those toenails clipped, buy a new collar, and enjoy the festivities.

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