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By Pro Blog Contributor: Brenna Yantorno

When, Why & How to have the most amazing hair at your wedding!

3-5 months before the wedding, thats when I would recommend you schedule for a hair trial. But yes, you can absolutely schedule to do one before then obviously if you wanted.

Scheduling your trial closer to the actual day of the wedding helps you stay confident in your decision. When there is too much time in between you may begin to overthink it and second guess yourself. This process should just be able to put you at ease and enjoy all the pampering! A suggestion that seems to work best is to stick with what you know and love. If you wear your hair up every single day of your life, maybe the first time in 10 years you decide to wear it down shouldn’t be the day of your wedding. Again, total suggestion.

Another thing to keep in mind for the day of your trial is if you could wear a white shirt or something close to the color of your dress that has a classy neckline. We are trying to imitate what you will be looking on the wedding day, as comfy as the sweater is, you’ll wanna lose it for the trial. Match the white shirt with a pair of earrings and a necklace. Those two simple things really help bring the entire experience to light. Helps give you more of a bridal feel.

Pretty please with sugar on top come to your appointment with freshly washed, clean and dry hair! There is products that will give the hair the desired amount of grit, hold or texture. Greasy, unwashed hair styles poorly and in the end, doesn’t make anyone happy.

Okay, so the day has come and you're actually at the salon for your hair trial. Have your stylist break down the photo with you about what the differences are between your hair and the models hair. The majority of these Pinterest styles that we all see + use as inspiration have packs of extensions and filler included in them. Not to mention have been filtered the heck up! We are naturally drawn to lighter colored hair photos because the reflection of light showcases the texture so much more. Braids, twists and buns always have more noticeable features and definition on blonde hair than brunettes. Chat with your stylists about what is best for you! Maybe you would benefit from having a few extensions installed. There’s a entire realm of options! Many times now extensions are added in to achieve dimensional coloring and increase fullness to get you to that desired end result!

& finally, try having your hair to your goal wedding day color or just even trimmed & tidy about 2-6 weeks out and then maybe even once again just as a little refresher before you say “I do.” You want to have some time to sit in it, embrace the new and almost married you! Trimming those ends makes all the difference in final presentation whether your going for something styled up or down. No frazzled ends allowed! Even to do a treatment in salon to remove any mineral buildup on the hair strand will give your hair the life its been lacking and enhance the final style!

Happy wedding planning + Enjoy your trial experience to the fullest

Pro. Blog Writer - Brenna Yantorno

Phone: 203-788-7643

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